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Smoker Tickets Now on Sale!

GET YOUR TICKETS BEFORE THEY SELL OUT! United Rugby Club’s Annual Reverse Draw - Smoker Event. Win up to $1,000 and support your club!

February 3rd, 2024, from 6pm until late, with dinner at 7pm, draw starts after dinner.

New location! Centennial Room in Dogwood Pavilion, 1655 Winslow Avenue, Coquitlam, BC V3J 0E7.

Prizes needed! Consider donating prizes that will be given to participants throughout the evening.

• Attendance $100 (includes dinner, drinks, reverse draw entry

• Social membership upgrade to attendance $50 (includes dinner, drinks, reverse draw entry)

• Additional Tickets / Non-attendance $40 (reverse draw entry only)

What is the Smoker? What started in the 1970s by Jim Tonks and Doug Yelland as a poker and smoking Stag night, the Smoker has evolved into United Rugby Club's signature fundraiser that includes dinner and various fun gaming activities. Cash and card accepted. Must be 19+ to attend.

Dinner: The evening is catered, and beverages are included in the price of entry. The event is run over several hours and there is lots of time to chat with friends, talk rugby, and have a great night. All funds raised support our programs and the club operations. If you plan to drink, please plan a ride, or ask our volunteers to call you a taxi.

Reverse Draw: names are added to tickets which are drawn, and the last drawn at the end wins $1,000.

Prizes: the first name drawn gets their money back, and approximately every 10th drawn wins a prize.

Reverse Draw Buy-Back-In - A coveted ten spots on the wall will be available for individuals whose names have been drawn to buy back into the reverse draw.

First come, first served!

Calcutta: Once we get down to the last five tickets on the board, the crowd bids on who will win the reverse draw. The five highest bids are put into a “side pot”. For example, John is one of the last five names on the board and Kevin wins the bid on John to win for $300. The other four tickets are auctioned off for $250 each, making the side pot $1,300. If John wins the original Smoker draw, John wins $1,000 and Kevin gets $1,300 from Calcutta.

Additional Tickets / Non-attendance Tickets: purchase a second ticket to increase your chances in the Reverse Draw. Groups often purchase these tickets to increase their chances. If you can’t attend, you can buy a non-attendance ticket for the draw, and we will let you know if you won.

Betting Sheets: individuals bet up to $5 amongst themselves that their name is drawn before their friends. If your name goes out before their name, you owe the amount of the bet to the other person. Ensure you get their ticket number as some people have multiple tickets on the board.

Gambling: Blackjack, Texas Hold-em, and other gaming events take place on the night and the house rules will be explained at the event.

Beer Pong: we will be running a buy-in beer pong tournament with cash prize and trophy for the winner.

Toonie Toss: Another opportunity to support the club with the chance of winning a prize.



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